Haitham A. El-Ghareeb, Ph.D.

Welcome to my blog! I hope you LOVE it! I created this to share everything that I love with you. As suggested by the title, I am truly an IT Geek. I read and teach constantly and have almost no control over it. It is like a fix!!! I do it night, day, in the morning, and whenever I can! There is no limit to the IT love that I am capable of doing!! So check out my pages and watch my blog grow!
What you will find if you are here: You will find the review, resources, and/or resources of the courses I am teaching, the projects I have just finished, my opinions on specific popular IT topics, projects I am planning on working, books I have read and if you haven't read your life is incomplete (let's just say, you are faking it!! And much more. So, please check in and let me know what you think.

I believe that Information Systems and Sciences are the Realization of Computer Science, Information Technology, Open Source Projects, Business, and Humanities to make the work a real better place...

My Full Time Job: Associate Professor, Information Systems Department, Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences, Mansoura University, Egypt 
My Faculty Web site: http://csifac.mans.edu.eg/
My University Web site: http://www.mans.edu.eg

I am Interested in e-Learning, Enterprise Architecture, Information Architecture, Software Architecture; specially Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Management Systems (BPMS), Semantic Web, Cloud Computing, and Open Source Projects. 

I Hold a Bachelor Degree (2004), Masters Degree (2008), Ph.D. (2011) from the same faculty working on. Master thesis was entitled “Evaluation of Service Oriented Architecture in e-Learning”. It discusses closely the challenges, limitations, and opportunities in utilizing SOA in integrating different e-Learning and University Management Information Systems' Components; while maintaining an adequate pedagogical effects and capabilities of e-Learning systems. Ph.D. dissertation was entitled "Optimizing Service Oriented Architecture to Support e-Learning with Adaptive and Intelligent Features". In this research, the attempt to address new ways of involving Adaptivity and Intelligence to present more personalized e-Learning environment and e-Learning processes to students while maintaining optimized system performance is addressed from researcher point of view. Currently, I am working on Post Doctor Research in topics related to Software Engineering, Natural Language Processing, and Cloud Computing. 

Spots on My Career:  
DISCLAIMER: I am not an english major or even minor. I write how I tallk and think. I am a theatre major so if you see a , please note that it is probably there for a dramatic pause. I also have a full time job, so proof reading is usually a luxary I can't afford (because I am reading) !! Thank you for understanding.